Service Billing

For your convenience, Fibreworks issues accounts monthly in electronic form. Your billing date is decided by the service address. But you will receive an account around the same time each month.

Due Dates

Your Fibreworks account has been especially designed to be easily read and understood. The due date is clearly printed in the top right hand corner and usually falls between 14-30 days after account issue. To avoid the risk of service disruption, you should make payment before the due date.

It’s important to know you must still pay your account, even if you don’t receive the bill. So you should contact us if your bill seems late or doesn’t arrive within 60 days of connection.

Fibreworks offers a Direct Debit payment option; from Visa, Mastercard, AMEX (2% surcharge will apply) and Bank account.

Service Disconnection

There is a risk of service disruption if your account remains unpaid more than 28 days after the due date. In most cases, you will first receive a Reminder. To avoid service disconnection, you should act on this notice immediately. There are also a number of reasons your service may be disconnected without notice.

Late Fees

If a previous invoice has not been paid, your next invoice will include an added charge (late fee) of $5.

Billing Disputes

Alert us immediately ( if you believe there is a discrepancy with any part of your bill; we will require notice of the reasons you dispute the bill before the due date. We will then complete a thorough investigation and advise you on the outcome.

Your service will not be disconnected while the bill is in dispute or for 60 days after issue, whichever is shorter. Until your concern is resolved, you may need to pay an amount based on prior usage. Should our investigation conclude the unpaid amount was correctly billed, payment will fall due immediately. If you dispute the investigation findings, your State Ombudsman may be of assistance.

Refund policy

We do not offer refunds; if a customer has a valid complaint regarding their services we will provide them with a credit on their account. This credit is determined by calculating the customer’s daily charge and multiplying it by the number of days during which their service was inactive.

Termination (Cancellation) of services

Cancellation notice

You may request to terminate your service and/or cancel your account by filling in a disconnection request (to access this request you will need your Customer Portal information).

Termination Fees

Should you cancel your service during the Minimum Period/Contract term you will be charged a termination fee. The termination fee is calculated by multiplying the remaining months of your Minimum Period/Contract term by the monthly service fee.

Obligations when terminating your account

We require a 30 day notice of all cancellation requests. For billing purposes, the last day of service will be considered the 30th day from the date that your cancellation request was received.

The cancellation notice must be passed to us by the Fibreworks account holder or an authority on the account.

Should you fail to notify us of cancellation, we reserve the right to continue attempting to deliver services and bill you for these services for up to 60 days from the day of actual termination. We accept no liability for any charges that you will incur as a result of not providing us with a Cancellation Notice.