How to reset and configure your router

Please press the reset button at the back of the router, and hold it for 10 seconds.

This will wipe all the details you have on the router,
and all your devices connected to the WiFi will disconnect from it.

Please follow the guide below to configure your router.
(You will also need your PPPoE username and password details; these can be foundĀ in your customer portal if necessary).

Guides for Huawei HG630a and HG630 router

There are 2 different guides for VDSL and Fibre connection.

Huawei HG630&630a VDSL guide

HG630a Fibre guide

To do a direct connection

    1. Take out the ethernet cable that is connected on the internet/WAN port of the router.
    2. Now plug that cable into the Ethernet port of your computer/laptop
    3. Turn off your router now
    4. Check your connection again
    5. One end of the cable should be connected to the wall and the other end to the computer.

And then follow the relevant guide below (you will need your username and password to secure this direct connection)

Setup Guides (for Mac/Windows)

PPPoE – Mac V1

PPPoE – Mac V2

PPPoE – Mac V3

PPPoE – Windows 7

PPPoE – Windows Vista

PPPoE – Windows XP